Shanghai Qingong Inorganic Salt Co., Ltd.
Nickel sulfate
Nickel chloride
Nickel acetate
Nickel amiosulfonate
Nickel carbonate
Nickel nitvate
Nickel oxide(black)
Copper sulfate
Copper chloride
Cuprous chloride
Cupric oxide
Cupous oxide
Cupric acetate
Cupric witvate
Cobalt chloride
Cobalt Sulfate
Niobium pentoxide
Manganese dihydrogen

Shanghai Qingong Inorganic Salt Co., Ltd.Shanghai Qingong Inorganic Salt Co., Ltd., armed with advanced technologies and production techniques as well as complete testing instruments, offer you quality after-sales technical services and fine products such as nickel/copper/cobalt/manganese/zinc salts.
    We mainly produce electroplating materials, surfactants materials and fine chemical materials, including Nickel Sulfate, Nickel chloride, Nickel Nitrate , nNickelous Acetate, Basic Nickel Carbonate, Nickel Sulfamic Acid, Nickel Oxide, Acid Manganous Phosphate, Copper sulfate, Cupric Nitrate, Copper chloride, Cupric Acetate, Cupric oxide, Cuprous chloride, Cupous oxide, 50% Ferroniobium , 70% Ferroniobium, Niobium pentoxide, Cobalt Sulfate and Cobalt chloride.
Features: Raw materials are pure metal with very low content of hair metal impurities; there are water-treatment workshops in the manufacturing zone. Pure water is used in production and thus the content of calcium/magnesium/chlorine ions is lower than 5ppm; solution of products is clear and transparent, with longer life cycle than similar products.
With a history of over 50 years, "Qingong" products have ever been honored as State Ministerial Level High Quality Products. Get "Qingong", you get high quality products and services!

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